Republic of the Philippines
Region VII, Central Visayas


    Welcome to the virtual world of technologies. Welcome to the portal of DepEd City of Bogo where paperless reporting is on the rise, where stakeholders get hold of important data, and where possibilities of sharing and caring with investors to the future of Bogo take the impetus of the noble task of stakeholding the future generation. 

   This is not a game of matrix or infinite mix of whatever. This is serious. We in our School Division Office is restyling our delivery system. by putting technology an add-on to the tedious crude work of data gathering or reporting. Urgency, timeliness, and standardized are among the essentials in the construction of this infrastructure in our context.

    The field is thus encouraged to make our website doable to the unique teaching we used to have; relevant to the learning processes, and meaningful to every primeholder of Deped Bogo.

   SidlakBogo, our division mantra is a recurring chant to guide us in all our efforts. this is just a little minion to guard us in the big things we want to realize. But with every one of us doing the sharing and caring to the unexpected expectations we surely can make a name.

  That name will surely shine for Bogo.

   So, we make this Bay-Hand in Hand: Alay yon sa Bogo. Our ways of bayanihan, alayon, pagtambayayong, dagyawan- the Bogo fashion.

    Let's do or grow more in the spirit in of ONENESS...