Republic of the Philippines
Region VII, Central Visayas


Message of the Schools Division Superintendent

Welcome to our technology portal.

As an outgrowth to my function articulated in Republic Act 9155, as superintendent of the Schools Division of City of Bogo, I am happy to share but execute my ROSALEI Banner Program in my unique but robust ways of instituting old and new paradigms that spin-span cultural excellence and vibrancy of nurturing as a school climate.

ROSALEI institutes program components and component projects in order to assert my trifolding framework of Edukasyon sa Karapatan, Edukasyon sa Kahalagahan and Edukasyon sa Katayuan which underpins the goal of ROSALEI as mnemonic to Raising Outputs, Setting Aims, Linking Edu-actions and Initiatives to ally and put into actions the philosophy and mandate of the Department of Education and that of the City of Bogo Government in particular.

            The ROSALEI banner program aside from being mnemonic, is also crafted as schools governance style of having attribute as being triadic, localized, avant garde, holistic, and interwoven.  This makes it simple yet complex in form and norm-based yet totality focused in substance.  ROSALEI even intersperses to the technology of the internet and the computers.  It is even more compelling to put into use with the times of the millennium since it back-ups other media in the environment, physical or social it still is lurking on  how technology use is applied to teaching and learning as a channel or medium.  ROSALEI then is created as a strategy duality in promoting access, quality, and excellence in educational services delivered and a mechanism to empowering people productivity for positive results and high impact.

            As it can imply, the implementation of the program is value-laden to  the men and women of DepEd City of Bogo to see right the locality or environment, the people working under the banner program, and the effectiveness or impact of the systems used in the mechanics of the implementation. Included  here is the presupposed potency of this portal for the monitoring, assessment and evaluation of ROSALEI when  implemented.

            And so this cannot just be an an allusion to ease only   in communication  for high impact or as it seems,  teems well into the networking of partners or into navigating stakeholders, albeit, this archives more than anything,  certain  important links to facts and figures that will necessitate viability in decision making of concerned stakeholder to gearing quality of educative delivery to our leaners as our utmost concern in this endeavor and into ushering a mold as a community of people who are truly  makabayan, makatao, makakalikasan and maka-Diyos.

            We must enthuse to gushworthing as one cohesive family dedicated to advance Padayun Pagsidlak DepEd Bogo, Pasigarbo Pagsul-ob  RosaLei.

            The essence of ROSALE, therefore, does not rest on taming well for what is ascribed to address issues and concerns but rather subscribed to what makes the issues and concerns relevant to make them actionable to matter in a learner’s continuum as a laboratory of life..  Because ROSALE is not just a word, it has to be processed so soon or as the case maybe, in each school or learning center here in Bogo City, Cebu.

            This can be a think tank, very useful to wear the so-called Rosa Lei, a success indicator in anticipation of every school’s rendering a ROSA (Report of School Accomplishments) at the end of school year.

    Lastly, my candid prayer is asked to His Highness Above for everybody in the helm of DepEd City of Bogo to become better caregiver to reach each and every promising learner that comes fragile, special, and fresh in context to the rule of the thumb and in the pink of health so we can provide him/her best the most relevant technology in order to be the best version of herself/himself in the future just as a real rose scents success in the very definition of it.